What's the worst part about breaking or losing your iPhone? When you lose all of your pictures with it, that's what. Hardware and cases can be replaced, but you can't reproduce those cherished photographic memories.

That's why it's important to sync your iPhone camera roll with iPhoto frequently, so that if anything happens to your phone, your photos will be safe and sound. While that's the simplest way to back up your photos, you have a few alternatives.

The list below above explores several different ways to save your iPhone photos, including the traditional iPhone sync, a step-by-step guide on setting up Photo Stream and various IFTTT recipes that save your photos to the cloud.

1. Sync to iPhoto

If you have a Mac, syncing your iPhone to iPhoto is the best and most basic way to save your photos.
First, connect your iPhone to your computer via your USB drive, and iPhoto should automatically show up under the “Devices” section or open by itself.
Image: Flickr, Hakan Dahlstrom
Sync to iPhoto

2. Organize Your Photos Into Events

When you select the "Split Events" option in iPhoto, your photos will separate into groups based on the date that they were taken. You can organize these events by adding in a specific name for each one.
Image: iPhoto
Organize Your Photos Into Events

3. Select Your Import Preference

You can import all of your photos at the same time, or handpick a selection. Specify your preference by selecting one of the two options in the top right corner of iPhoto.
Image: iPhoto
Select Your Import Preference

4. Access Photo Stream

Another way to save your iPhone photos is to create a Photo Stream on iCloud. You can use Photo Stream on any device that uses the same Apple ID, including iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

This feature lets you create different albums and share them with different people. See the next slide for instructions on how to create a custom Photo Stream.
Image: Apple
Access Photo Stream

5. Create a Custom Photo Stream

To create a new Photo Stream:
  • Open your Photos app
  • Select the Photo Stream tab at the bottom
  • Click the plus sign in the top left corner to create a new Photo Stream.
Image: Apple
Create a Custom Photo Stream

6. Upload Your iPhotos to Email

You can also save your photos with this IFTTT recipe. Once you set it up, you will automatically receive en email any time you upload a new photo. Just remember to activate your iOS Photos channel first.

Upload Your iPhotos to Email
7. Upload Your iPhotos to Dropbox

You can also automatically upload your iPhotos to Dropbox with this IFTTT recipe.
Upload Your iPhotos to Dropbox

Do you have any horror stories about losing your photos? Share them in the comments below so our readers know

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